Friday, May 29, 2009

Describe this class in six words.


What is something that you would like to upgrade about yourself?

One thing that I would like to upgrade would be my will power to work to my full potential. I often find myself lazy and tend to drift off from time to time. If i could have upgrade myself it would a good thing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. What will you do to celebrate Memorial Day? What does this holi

Memorial day for me is a time to honor the all the soliders from all military branches for example my brother who serves in the Navy. My day was spent doing chores and also helping my family out but it was a day well spent.

Write a thank you note or tribute to someone who lost his/her life in an heroic way.

Dear My Hero

I thank you for saving my life. If it wasn't for you i don't i would be here today.
It was your kindness and courage that helped save my life for when my car got stuck in the tree. Word can't describe the way I feel, but from the bottom of my heart i am very grateful

How has the Internet has changed relationships? Is the net effect positive or negative?

The internet has changed relationship because websites for example E - Harmony Myspace, Twitter, and etc have helped the way for many singles couples to get married and start a family. Site

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tony Wagner asserts that "the seven survival skills...all students should master are critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across netwo

I believe that I have good oral communication skills and i also have a good imaginary skills as well.
Having helps me communicate with my fellows peers and also speak to different people.

What does this statement tell you about the information that you find in the Internet? What do you think you need to do when using information found o

The statement informs me that the internet is becoming more inaccurate. It also informs you that people tend to created their website and also put what ever they want to say which can be bad information.

Is it better or worse to bully someone if you're using the Internet?

I think it is easy to bully someone who uses the internet because it the person could post picture of you up on a blog and say bad things to may offend you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you think the health organizations have caught the Swine Flu outbreak early enough, or do you think it will escalate into a full-blown pandemic? Do

I believe that the health organizations didn't catch the swine flu early enough it has escalated and it will become a pandemic because they numbers are still raising and more schools are shutting down cause of this.

Several kinetic-energy generators are on the way that will be able to harness walking to charge a phone, music player or camera. What do you think abo

I think these will be a great idea to have these products. They will be easy to charged your devices and will also replace chargers. Then I fell these new products will start a new problem with littering.

What do you think is the advantages and disadvantages to using a book reader like the Kindle in education? Do you think it will replace the tradition

I believe that the new Kindle Dx wireless reader device will help you improve the ability to teach in class because certain pages in the book are either faded or riped out. the Disadvantage of having this device would be that many people will not be able to afford the device and it ca break easily.

What would you like to have a robot do for you? What do you think robots will be able to do in the future?

I would love for a robot to clean my room and cook for me. In the future robots will have the ability to drive cars and other major transportation. They will also have the ability to control many devices.

What do you think about these flash drives? If you could design a flash drive of your own, what wold it look like? Would you pay more to get ones like

I find these flash drives to be very interesting. It goes to show you can regular tools fun for all ages.
If i were to created my own lash drive it would be a flash drive made of rosary.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What do you think headphones tell you about the person that is wearing them?

To my it tell me what type of music the person likes. It also tells me that the person is an artistic person.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Think about someone who annoys you, and write something positive about them.

I have friend of mines who seems to annoy me on a daily basic. It has come to my conclusion that he likes to touch. One positive thing aou the person is that he is a good runners and knows when their a time to play and a tim to learn

Monday, May 4, 2009

If you where the Principal, what would you do if someone at Campus High School got the Swine Flu?

If I was the principal of East Orange Campus and one of my students had the swine flu. I would the child stay home and have them under home construction. Which is home school.